FullSizeRenderSo I am on a mission to maintain a 12:30 pace for my upcoming half marathon.  I am thinking this is a comfortable pace for me to keep throughout the whole 13.1 so that I can finish it standing up, and out of the medical tent!  Well I attempted to do such this morning on my 3 mile run and it didn’t pan out as planned.  This is much harder than I thought it would be.  Mile 1 I spent fiddling with my phone in the beginning and then running to the track.  Thanks to apple everything moves over from icloud EXCEPT your music which I didn’t know, and I rarely hook my phone up to my computer to sync it…..this is a major PITA.  So I was w/o my running playlist and had to listen to the radio instead…bummer.  Note to self, sync your phone today! Mile 0.5-2.5 I spent going around and around on the track…how fun, and my pace was totally off.  Mile 2.5 and on I spent running home and watching all the High Schoolers walk to school with their funky outfits……why are these kids going to school at 7am….geesh!  So my first attempt at pacing was a bust.  I think I may have to lower my pace a bit, because I just feel like I am going too slow, which I know I am, but the point here is to maintain throughout the entire long run.  This is a learning process, and I’ll try again tomorrow at a different venue and see how I pan out.

P.S. this finicky NY weather is not conducive to a natural hairnista! Happy Tuesday!

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