IMI’ve been dragging my feet on registering for a couple months now.  I booked my hotel room back in August, so I knew I definitely wanted to do this event, but I kept putting off registering why I don’t know….well I do know, I’m scared of the biking leg!  Swimming is no problem for me.  I’ve been swimming since I was like 7 years old so this is definitely my easiest leg.  I know I can do those 1.2 miles easily, (if the water cooperates….I’m use to pool swimming!) I just swam a mile last night so this should be no problem right?? well I hope so!  Biking….ehhhh I’m still learning.  Hopefully over the next 8 months I am able to semi-master my bike.  The run, yes I can do 13.1 miles, but after swimming 1.2, and biking 56, I hope I’m up to it.  For those of you that don’t know, Ironman 70.3 is half of the full Ironman 140.6 distance so that is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 (half marathon) run.  This are all done consecutively with a transition between swim-bike and bike-run.  Transition is simply where you switch out your gear for the next leg of the race.

After some encouragement from my Tri buddy Lisa (LL) I decided to finally just register…now I’m all in…..scared but excited at the same time!  Thanks for the push LL!  I have a handy dandy countdown clock on the sidebar leading up to the event…8 months until the big day!!  On June 14, 2015 I am hoping to hear Kimberley you are an Ironman!! Or do they say Half Ironman…who knows….I’ll be happy to hear either! sidebar…I wonder if I can get them to call me Str8Kim….hehe!!

Happy Wednesday!

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