I try to get out with the Tuesday morning run crew, but after getting to bed at 1am, getting up at 4:45am was not happening! So I gave myself a little xtra time, woke up at 6am, and hit the pavement by 6:15 for a solo run around the track. Now the track is usually pretty boring. There really isn’t much you can do to make going around and around in a circle fun. Here are some of my tips:

1. Run the outer lane – yes I know this is the furthest distance, but if you are doing a 3+ mile run, you’ll end up doing 1-2 laps less since you are running a longer distance. Yes in reality you are running the same distance in the end, but psychologically I’ll take running a couple laps less.
2. Ramp up your music – I like running to a playlist. I know some people don’t like running with music at all but I do…to each his own. I like fast tempo pop, house music, or rap music with a dope beat. (yes dope!) Not typically music I would listen to, but it gets me going. I just added the Pitbull and Neyo song Time of My Lives and I love it!! I can listen to it on repeat for my whole run.
3. Run with a buddy – my run today was alone, but if I had a running partner it would have been more bearable. If you can talk and run (which I can’t) it’ll make the time pass more quickly. I always think if you can hold a conversation while running you should be running faster! JMO

Well it was cold this morning, so I think that contributed to the faster miles. I wanted to get my butt out of there! I’ll keep working toward getting to that sub 10 per mile pace, my goal for 2015!


P.S. Yes that’s a Dunkin Donuts hat from the NYC Marathon…bloop!

Happy Tuesday!

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