Saturday Morning Strength

This morning was a tough gym workout. Here is a bit of it. I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but I’m actually starting to enjoy going to the gym. ?

​[wpvideo dVgU3cdz]​

Saturday Strength

This morning I put in some back work at the big boy gym. Mostly 3 sets of 15 on each machine, and ended with some ab work. My inner arms are sore, but not to bad. It’ll probably be way worse tomorrow!
Until then!

​[wpvideo 9ivjsJ8y]​

Friday Strength

Friday Strength

​[wpvideo 1Apmh2x6]​Yesterday was a much needed rest day.  I started using the app map my fitness to log my daily food intake. I’ve had this app forever and am not sure why I’ve never used this tool. It really is incredible and will help me to keep myself accountable. Here is yesterday’s intake.  Surprisingly I was not hungry at any point thought the day. 

I like that you can scan food labels into the app, and bam the nutrition facts are imputed for you.  You just have to adjust your serving size for each food item. This really is a great app….give it a shot!

Today I went to the gym. I hate the gym! But I am committed to get 3 days of strength training in per week. I’m turning over a new leaf!  I started with a mile walk on the treadmill. Then I worked on legs; so I hit all the leg machines that I could find.  I guess I should start logging which machines I use, and how many reps….that would be helpful!  I’ll make sure to do that tomorrow. 

Today is day 5 of no coffee!! I’m surviving!

Until next time…

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