ted corbittSuper late on this recap, but I had to get it in before the new year since it was such an important run. This race was named after the founding President of New York Road Runners who happens to be African American, and a pioneer in long distance running Ted Corbitt. Mr. Corbitt passed away in 2007 at the age of 88. As an African American woman who never thought in my lifetime I would be participating in long distance running at the age of 33 it was an honor to participate in a race of his namesake.

So it’s official, I am qualified for the 2015 NYC Marathon, and this last race sealed the deal for me. This year NYRR is only giving people with guaranteed entry into the marathon one month to claim their spot, AND pay for the hefty entry fee of $216! Yes steep I know, but it’s a once in a lifetime experience so well worth the cost.

IMG_8641This was my first 15K, and although I’ve ran further it was still a little intimidating because it was a loop and a half of Central Park, which if you’ve ran Central Park you know its a lot. It was freezing cold this day so that made the anticipation of the race even worse, but I think I still managed to clock a decent time.Image-1 The first loop around the park we did manage to see the gruesome cat hill, and very early in the run which was troublesome because I knew I’d be seeing the little witch again sometime before the end of the race, and low and behold there she was at the last mile or two. Somehow I always feel lost running in the park. The first loop we saw the cat at the beginning of the race, last loop we saw her at the end, so there was some kind of detour (well not really) thrown in because I also saw Tavern on The Green the second time around, but not the first. I’ll never figure out directions in the park and just run where I’m directed to!

IMG_8652I think my outfit was rockin this time around. Although you can’t see my tights had a nice chevron print on them, and they are my favorite red. I also managed to find these socks in my sock drawer. I’m pretty sure I bought them last year and just forgot about them since I never run in tall socks, but they were cute so I threw them on and they were surprisingly comfortable. Although when I was running I thought to myself geesh these socks feel like they have a whole in them on the big toes, but I thought that’s not possible since they are brand new. Low and behold when I got home and took my sneakers off true indeed there was a whole in both big toes…SMH!! And yes I’m still rocking my Jamaica laces, wishing I was back there!

Oh P.S. I also got into the NYC Half Marathon via the lottery so ya girl will be running through the streets of Time Square and down the West Side Highway in March (2 things most New Yorkers will never get to do) and I am super excited. 2015 is shaping up to be a truly memorable year.

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