Well I was able to get in a rushed little over a half mile and it was anything but uneventful. Alarm went off at 5:30 and I thought I snoozed it to give me those extra precious minutes when I really swiped it off. So I wake up thinking wow this is a long snooze and it was 5:50! So I jump out of bed, grab my gear, throw it on, and make it out the door in 10 minutes and to the pool by 6:05.

There was a crowd standing around which I thought was strange so I scan my card and the attendant says you can’t go in yet and I’m like why? She says it’s not ready yet. I look at my watch and think hmmmm but keep my mouth shut. We are let in at 6:15. I undress and make a dash to the pool and it was packed already! I’m thinking man these people undressed fast.

I hop in the medium lane where a man is already swimming and get started. I knew I only had until 6:45 so I had to get moving. Well we get more company a third decides to join the lane which was fine because he kept pace. La la la I’m swimming along when a forth decides to join the party and he is slow as hades! I have to keep waiting to start my next lap to not bump into him, so I hop over to the slow lane where one person is hanging out in the deep end…..why I don’t know. I keep moving and he decides to wade right in the middle of the pool. I get close to him and say excuse me…smh he moves over a smidge, barely enough for me to pass. As I turn around to come back and almost scrape the wall because Charlie over there wants to have fun time in the lap lane he accidentally gets kicked….it really was an accident I promise! I ask him if he is ok he says yes and I keep it moving. On the way back he got kicked again. I tried to squeeze by but this guy was not budging, so kicked he gets!!! Why he was not wading around in a non lap lane I have no idea! Some people have zero pool etiquette.

Well that was fun! Didn’t get the mile in that I wanted due to time constraints but a half a mile is better than nothing!

Happy Monday!

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