A little late posting this one, but here’s a recap of week 3 of my London marathon training which was a complete fail! Running on the concrete has always been pretty hard on my body, so running for 2 days and 16.2 miles on the Arizona concrete really did a number on my shins. So much so that I was totally out of commission for a few days.

I took a 3 day rest, and attempted to run on the treadmill on Thursday, the shines were screaming! It wasn’t totally painful, but uncomfortable enough that my little walk run that I was doing just couldn’t be sustained. So I headed to the weights and did a little strength training. Check out my video below, or CLICK HERE to view.

I ended up with 1.36 not so pretty miles on the treadmill

I switched out my sneakers to the Adidas Ultra Boost which have a lot more cushion then my usual light weight sneakers. Now, while this felt much better, and I had less shin pain, it was still there and I didn’t want to push it, so I got in a very easy 2 miles that day.

Track miles

It was a pretty light week training wise, but something is better than nothing, and I’d rather be safe and keep my self healthy, than be injured on the sidelines.

Check out my video below of this weeks training, and subscribe to my YouTube channel here http://bit.ly/2kSRcAw to get updates on all of my training.

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