In October I ran the Detroit Free Press Int’l half marathon. Check out my race recap HERE. Of course I chronicled the whole weekend, but never got around to editing the footage…silly me! So take a look at all that I did that weekend including:

✅Visiting the iconic #MotownMuseum (they don’t let you take pics or video inside, except for the studio room. Kinda puts a downer on the experience)
✅Bell Isle Aquarium – cute little Aquarium, free entry & free parking, add it to your list.
✅Anna Scrupps Whitcomb Conservatory – next door to the aquarium, it’s beautiful and worth a visit.
✅Joe Louis Monument – A ginormous fist in the middle of a busy road, a must visit IG photo op.
✅Eastern Market – lots of beautiful art, good music, and great food. Don’t forget to visit the Detroit vs. Everybody store!

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