Long time no see!

Long time no see!

I’ve had it in my mind for a while to start updating my blog again, so here’s the first one. A nice run in gorgeous NYC weather. Lots of stop starting at traffic lights, and a little bugaloo by the water. See ya soon!

I’m still here!

I’m still here!

I know it’s been forever, but I’m going to slowly get back to updating my site. 

For the month of May I’m challenging myself to totally give up coffee. I’m on day 3 and it’s been a struggle!  I’ve been trying out tea (unsweetened) and it’s been pretty gross. I think today I am going to breakdown and add honey because I’m simply not going to make it drinking it with zero sweetener. Any other suggestions on good teas, or ways to make tea taste better without adding sugar please let me know!

Another goal for this month is to be active 6 days a week. This is going to be tough but I’m going to make it happen. My usual is 3-4 days of activity so this is pushing it. I’ve incorporated strength training and yoga back into my things to do, so hopefully these additions will make this goal easier. 

Last goal for this month is just to eat better. No processed food, no fast food, and none of my beloved twizzlers and rochers. It is going to be a struggle, but I am focused and I am going to achieve these goals!

Until tomorrow ✌?. 

Motivation Thursday?

Motivation Thursday?

  While I was running this morning I thought to myself wow you are really dragging. It’s hot and humid, I’m tired, and I don’t know if I can go on past these 2 miles. Then I think you set a goal of 6 today so stick to it no matter how long it takes, even if you have to walk it. I like to post my times whether I ran my best and PR’d, or if I have a not so good day too. So yes today wasn’t my best 10k by far, but to someone else this may be your goal time, so use me as your motivation and keep running until you reach that goal. If I can do it so can you!

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Dontcha just love a good sports bra sweat outline!

Race Recap: Long Island Half Marathon May 3, 2015

Race Recap: Long Island Half Marathon May 3, 2015

This past Sunday I ran the half marathon (13.1 miles) at the Long Island Marathon.  When I woke up I checked the weather and it was a bit on the cooler side, but would warm up later, so I grabbed a sweater just in case I was a little cold in the morning.  I ended up not using the sweater at all since it warmed up pretty quickly.

This race is close to home so getting there is a breeze, but the parking situation is a mess!  The race starts in one place and ends in another which is a logistical nightmare for a runner.  I parked my car in Eisenhower park because that was where the finish line was, but this meant that I had to trek like a mile and a half to the start.  Additionally I had to get to the park super early (6:45am) just to make sure I was able to get in since there were road closures starting at 7am.  The race didn’t start until 8am so it was a bit of a waiting game.  I’m happy that I at least got to wait in my car so that I wasn’t freezing my buns off!  Oftentimes we have to stand around in the cold waiting for a race to start and trust me it is not fun at all!

After making it to the start with my coffee in hand I was able to snap a few pics.  Of course my obligatory deuces up photo….can’t leave home without it!  You can see the mob of people behind me, and trust me that is a very small snap shot of the number of people out there…it was really a huge race!IMG_0509


With my buddy Deb.  No she is not frowning, but we were facing directly into the sun.  Not sure how I kept a straight face with this one.  How do you like our RUNtheSol tanks?? Cute huh!  Check out http://RUNtheSol.com for more details.

Me and Deb




Wanda, Me, & Deb

So once the race started I was feeling really good.  I know I wanted to keep my pace in the 9’s so that I could maintain it throughout the whole race.  My goal was sub 2:30 which is probably more like a 10 minute pace, but I wanted the extra wiggle room just in case I conked out in the end (which I did), so in the 9’s I went.  I was chugging along and even had a running buddy the first 10k.  I didn’t stop at any of the water stops because I don’t usually need any until mile 6 so I stuck with that plan.  Once I got to mile 6 I was a little under 60 mins…I believe 58 minutes, so I knew it was time to take in some fuel.  This was my mistake.  I stopped at the mile 6 for water and to take my honey stinger energy chews.  I sipped, popped 6 stingers all while walking.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with walking the water stops.  Sometimes it can give you that bit of rest you need to keep going, but in my instance it really slowed me down tremendously.  I felt like I lost all of my momentum after that first small walk…and by small I mean like 20-30 seconds.  After that I could not get my pace below 10.  I was constantly hovering around 10:30, sometimes lower.  No matter how much I tried to move faster my legs just would not cooperate.  Sometimes when I though I was moving faster I would look down at my watch and be at an 11 pace!  I really though I was in the twilight zone because it just made absolutely no sense! I just could not fully control my body.

LIHalfMarathonThere was one part of the race where we were running on the Wantagh Parkway, and it was like zombies running on the highway.  It was eerily quiet except for the patter of runners feet.  At that point I wish I had some music to listen too!! This was also the never ending hill climb.  Somewhere between mile 9 and 10 I was just thinking to myself will this hill ever end.  It was the longest gradual incline I think I’ve ever ran!  As you can see after mile 6 my per minute mile really increased.  I’ll have to work on that for my next half in 10 days.

I blew my sub 2:30 time out of the water with a time of 2:15 which I was really happy about.  I was looking at my watch often those last few miles because I knew I was slowing down, but I knew I was still making pretty good time.  Once I crossed the finish line I just thought to my self wow, you did much better than expected!

There were a few freebies at this race.  You can see my gratis #LoveSnapple shades below.  They had a booth at the finishline and were giving away canvas goody bags with t-shirts, glasses, and stickers.

There was also a beer pit.  There was tons of free beer.  Why someone would want to drink beer at 10:30 in the morning I have no idea, but more power to you!  I think the registration fee was worth it in the free beer alone!

Yes I love my headbands….my collection is getting OOC!

My 13.1 headband


After race selfie #RUNtheSol



RUNtheSol crew

Next stop #BrooklynHalf

Race Recap: NYRR Race to Deliver 4M November 23, 2014

Race Recap: NYRR Race to Deliver 4M November 23, 2014


Throwing up my 8

cat hill


I’m a little late with my race recaps, so I’ll get to it!  A little over 2 weeks ago I completed race 8 of 9 to qualify for the 2015 NYC Marathon.  This race benefited God’s Love We Deliver which is a great cause so check out their website.  This is probably my least favorite Central Park course to run because it is so darn hilly.  If you live in NY and have run Central Park before you know what I mean.  It is the inner loop of Central Park and starts around 72nd street on the east side.  If you see this guy on your left side early on in the race you know your in trouble.  That infamous Cat Hill!  Every time I see him I wish I had some of that silly string spray to spray at him because I know I am in for a doosey of a race.

This course is just hill after hill after hill.  I just kept thinking in my head as my son always says “are we there yet”Image-1 because it felt like the never ending race.  I think the hills made me pick up a little bit of speed because I just wanted to get it over with.

Overall it was a nice fast race, and I was back in bed catching some Z’s by 11am which is always a plus.  A few more pics:


Obligatory selfie!

 Why I took a panorama of the port-a-pottys I don’t know, but I think its kool!


My BGR LI crew


BGR LI, and some NYC too



Pre-race crew Usie



Stole this from someone…can’t remember who, but I liked it so much I had to swipe it!

Until next time!!

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