I always receive a ton of complements on my running sun glasses, so I decided to share them with you all! The glasses featured are all by Blenders Eyewear, and Knockaround. Links to purchase the glasses shown are below.

Sunglasses Mentioned

Blenders Eyewear, Save 15% https://bit.ly/3koWNZm 

1-North Park Collection https://bit.ly/3fCHMiX 

2-North Park Collection https://bit.ly/3fCHMiX 

3-Alumni Queen https://bit.ly/3a2e1aa 

4-Sunz Up North Park https://bit.ly/33C3Doj (similar)

5-Fire Flash https://bit.ly/33DNVci 

6-Torrealba https://bit.ly/2XB80wc 

Knockaround, Save 15% on your first orders https://bit.ly/2EWNXS9 

7-Destination Fast Lanes https://bit.ly/2Es0PiZ

8-Premiums Dusk on the Water https://bit.ly/2D1qZc7

9-Mai Tais Beverly Peach https://bit.ly/30YDHj

10-Fast Lanes Slate Tortoise Shell / Sky Blue https://bit.ly/2P7XF6d 

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