My first International Flight During COVID-19

My first International Flight During COVID-19

After my first domestic flight during Covid-19, I was wondering if the international flying experience would be the same. On August 2, 2020 I boarded a flight at New York City’s, JFK International Airport (JFK) to Charlotte, NC, (CLT) connecting to Cancun Mexico (CUN) on American Airlines. I will say that, my domestic travel experience on Delta Airlines was much better, BUT American was not that bad, but they clearly have room for improvement.

I booked this flight 2 weeks out from traveling, and initially booked a direct flight to Cancun, Mexico. American Airlines cancelled all of their direct flights from JFK to Cancun, and by the time I was notified it was too late to switch airlines because pricing had increased drastically. Needless to say, I was not happy about this change and American Airlines already started off on the wrong foot. Check out how my flight went, my coronavirus travel tips, and let me know if you have traveled internationally during Covid-19, or have had any experiences with travel during coronavirus.



This is an update to my How to Clean your airplane seat video from February. You can watch the original video here: My routine is pretty much the same, with the except of now I am wearing a mask, and I bring along with me the ENTIRE tub of Lysol Wipes. I find that the Lysol wipes in the container are more moist than the ones in the to go pack, and they do a better job at cleaning.

Don’t forget to use hand sanitizer when you’re done! Enjoy!

Running 100 miles in July | Week 4

Running 100 miles in July | Week 4

This weeks running vlog is for the last week of July! I actually felt great and thought I’d surpass 100 miles in July, but low and behold, I hit the pavement again! I’ve been riding. a bit lately, but on my road bike. This week, I finally took my triathlon bike for a spin, and while I was shaky at first, it was just like old times eventually. See how this week went, and if I made my goal after falling.

Check out how this week went, and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and give the video a thumbs up!

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The Best Running Sunglasses!

The Best Running Sunglasses!

I always receive a ton of complements on my running sun glasses, so I decided to share them with you all! The glasses featured are all by Blenders Eyewear, and Knockaround. Links to purchase the glasses shown are below.

Sunglasses Mentioned

Blenders Eyewear, Save 15% 

1-North Park Collection 

2-North Park Collection 

3-Alumni Queen 

4-Sunz Up North Park (similar)

5-Fire Flash 


Knockaround, Save 15% on your first orders 

7-Destination Fast Lanes

8-Premiums Dusk on the Water

9-Mai Tais Beverly Peach

10-Fast Lanes Slate Tortoise Shell / Sky Blue 

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