Greece Travel Vlog Part 2: Athens to Chania, Crete

Greece Travel Vlog Part 2: Athens to Chania, Crete

We took Olympia Airlines out of Athens Airpport for the short 30 minute flight. It was $159 for 2 people. This airline was super spacious, they gave us the entire exit row so 6 seats for 2 people. They served beverages, Greek cookies which I did not expect, and the staff was super nice.

My husbands co-worker is Greek, and his family is from Chania (pronounced Hania). He was vacationing in Crete last year and I saw the pictures and video and said we have to go there in 2019, so he is the reason we were there….thanks Nick! We got to experience Chania from a locals perspective which was amazing. We went to beaches that we would have never found on our own. Drove down mountains that had no edges, one wrong turn and you were toast. Ate amazing Greek food, it was really the highlight of our trip.

We visited Seitan Limania Beach, which is a newly discovered beach in Crete. The drive down to the parking area was terrifying. When I stepped outside of the car my legs were shaking, I could barely walk. The hike down to the beach was even more terrifying. I took 19 steps, looked down, and said there was no way in hell I was doing this. The beach was really beautiful and I am so angry I didn’t get to see it I’m close, but my life is worth more than an IG post. ???  Since our trek to Seitan Beach was unsuccessful, we headed over to Kri Kri beach instead.

Atop Seitan Beach

Kri Kri Beach

Hotel- Elia Palazzo Hotel-cost $198

This hotel was so beautiful, and in the heart of the Rimondi. It was a 10 room hotel, so we were lucky to nab a last minute room. The room was spacious, new, and had the cutest balcony. Breakfast was also included, but we didn’t partake since we were out so very early in the morning. The staff was very nice, I would highly recommend. You want your hotel to be located in the Rimondi, you’re in the center of Crete, with easy access to all the nightlife. This area is still lively at 2am.

The outside of the hotel with the morning bread delivery…so cute!

View from our balcony

Hanging out at night in the Rimondi.

We visited Balos Beach and Lagoon. We took a bus ride which was about an hour, to the ferry, another hour. This was €38pp. It was well worth the cost of not having to drive down another scary mountainside. This Lagoon was absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommended visiting Balos if you are in Crete. The ferry then went over to Nisos Gramvousa which was another beach. Not as pretty as Balos, but still beautiful, and there was a fort at the top. I was pooped so I just layed out on the beach and slept for an hour. Crete was so beautiful and I don’t see a lot of people talking about it. Definitely add it to your Greek island tour.

Laying on the beach in Balos.

View of the blue lagoon.

I just want to leave you with some pics of some of the Gyro’s and Greek Salads we had.  Gyros were super inexpensive.  No more than 2.50 euro for one, most times less than that.  Greek Salads were 4-5 Euros.  We must have eaten 3 of these a day.  I loved the fact that they stuff french fries inside of them!


Greece Travel Vlog Part 1: New York City to Athens

I knew since my bday trip in summer 2018 that I wanted to do Greece in 2019. I had been stalking air prices forever and it was always $1500+ for August, and there was no way I was paying that each for 2 people. Fast forward to July 9th, I received an alert that prices dropped drastically, and I scored 2 tickets for $ 1,400 on Iberia. I was elated! We only had 8 days, so I had to make the most of this itinerary, so here it goes.

I booked all hotels on I had never used them before, and usually like to book my hotels direct, but they were running a 16% off coupon code, and an additional sale, which gave me the best prices of any site, so I booked all of our hotels the week of July 24th through them. We traveled Aug 2-10 so yes all of the booking was done very last minute.

We flew JFK-Madrid, Madrid to Athens.

Day 1-2 we stayed at Polis Grand Hotel, total price for the stay $167. This hotel was in the heart of downtown Athens. Graffiti everywhere, prostitutes 3 blocks over, but it was completely safe. The room was nice with a balcony, small (it’s Europe) but well appointed. They had an amazing rooftop with Acropolis views, and their breakfast spread was amazing AND included. I definitely recommend staying here. It’s a quick half mile walk to Monastiraki Square which is the place to be at night, and then a hop away from the Acropolis.

I am apart of Adidas Runners which is a global community. Apparently a lot of the European cities go on holiday for the entire summer, so there were no group runs scheduled. I asked the Athens faction on facebook if anyone was available for a run and received a bite from one of the members. It was 3 members in total, myself and my husband. They took us on a great tour of the city. We got to see so many things that we never would have had we been on our own, and I was eternally grateful. We visited the Acropolis, €20 per person. You get up there, walk around, take some pics, and your out of there. All done in 1hr or less.

Stay tuned for part to of my Greece Vlogs where we go from Athens to Crete.

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