2014 Year In Review

2014 Year In Review

Well this year was certainly eventful!

I started it off by completing my first mini triathlon in April while 6 months pregnant! That was fun! IMG_5379 IMG_5409

The whole Brands Crew

Followed that up with the Long Island 10K while 7 months pregnant, notice the hanging belly….that as a blast!

This little monster was welcomed into the world 07/27/2014

Completed a 10 miler in my hometown the Bronx!!

Braved the hills of Staten Island!

Completed my first Duathlon in a monsoon!

Trotted with the Turkeys

Ran Jamaica

And rocked my natural hair….what a year!!

Race Recap: NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K December 13, 2014

Race Recap: NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K December 13, 2014

ted corbittSuper late on this recap, but I had to get it in before the new year since it was such an important run. This race was named after the founding President of New York Road Runners who happens to be African American, and a pioneer in long distance running Ted Corbitt. Mr. Corbitt passed away in 2007 at the age of 88. As an African American woman who never thought in my lifetime I would be participating in long distance running at the age of 33 it was an honor to participate in a race of his namesake.

So it’s official, I am qualified for the 2015 NYC Marathon, and this last race sealed the deal for me. This year NYRR is only giving people with guaranteed entry into the marathon one month to claim their spot, AND pay for the hefty entry fee of $216! Yes steep I know, but it’s a once in a lifetime experience so well worth the cost.

IMG_8641This was my first 15K, and although I’ve ran further it was still a little intimidating because it was a loop and a half of Central Park, which if you’ve ran Central Park you know its a lot. It was freezing cold this day so that made the anticipation of the race even worse, but I think I still managed to clock a decent time.Image-1 The first loop around the park we did manage to see the gruesome cat hill, and very early in the run which was troublesome because I knew I’d be seeing the little witch again sometime before the end of the race, and low and behold there she was at the last mile or two. Somehow I always feel lost running in the park. The first loop we saw the cat at the beginning of the race, last loop we saw her at the end, so there was some kind of detour (well not really) thrown in because I also saw Tavern on The Green the second time around, but not the first. I’ll never figure out directions in the park and just run where I’m directed to!

IMG_8652I think my outfit was rockin this time around. Although you can’t see my tights had a nice chevron print on them, and they are my favorite red. I also managed to find these socks in my sock drawer. I’m pretty sure I bought them last year and just forgot about them since I never run in tall socks, but they were cute so I threw them on and they were surprisingly comfortable. Although when I was running I thought to myself geesh these socks feel like they have a whole in them on the big toes, but I thought that’s not possible since they are brand new. Low and behold when I got home and took my sneakers off true indeed there was a whole in both big toes…SMH!! And yes I’m still rocking my Jamaica laces, wishing I was back there!

Oh P.S. I also got into the NYC Half Marathon via the lottery so ya girl will be running through the streets of Time Square and down the West Side Highway in March (2 things most New Yorkers will never get to do) and I am super excited. 2015 is shaping up to be a truly memorable year.

Race Recap: NYRR Race to Deliver 4M November 23, 2014

Race Recap: NYRR Race to Deliver 4M November 23, 2014


Throwing up my 8

cat hill


I’m a little late with my race recaps, so I’ll get to it!  A little over 2 weeks ago I completed race 8 of 9 to qualify for the 2015 NYC Marathon.  This race benefited God’s Love We Deliver which is a great cause so check out their website.  This is probably my least favorite Central Park course to run because it is so darn hilly.  If you live in NY and have run Central Park before you know what I mean.  It is the inner loop of Central Park and starts around 72nd street on the east side.  If you see this guy on your left side early on in the race you know your in trouble.  That infamous Cat Hill!  Every time I see him I wish I had some of that silly string spray to spray at him because I know I am in for a doosey of a race.

This course is just hill after hill after hill.  I just kept thinking in my head as my son always says “are we there yet”Image-1 because it felt like the never ending race.  I think the hills made me pick up a little bit of speed because I just wanted to get it over with.

Overall it was a nice fast race, and I was back in bed catching some Z’s by 11am which is always a plus.  A few more pics:


Obligatory selfie!

 Why I took a panorama of the port-a-pottys I don’t know, but I think its kool!


My BGR LI crew


BGR LI, and some NYC too



Pre-race crew Usie



Stole this from someone…can’t remember who, but I liked it so much I had to swipe it!

Until next time!!

Race Recap: Reggae Marathon 10k December 6, 2014

Race Recap: Reggae Marathon 10k December 6, 2014

IMG_8489This past weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Jamaica for the 14th annual Reggae Marathon. Now in my 2yrs of running I have encountered all types of races, the good, the bad, and the very ugly, and I have to say the Reggae Marathon is one of if not the best race I have ever participated in. First big ups to Lisa of Reggae Runnerz. She planned and coordinated this trip for 100+ people from flights, transport, excursions, race registration…EVERYTHING! All we had to do was pay, pack and show up at the airport.

First the hotel:
We stayed at the Sea Splash Resort. Most of the Reggae Runnerz stayed at Negril Treehouse Resort which is literally right next door and this is where we spent most of our time. I booked late so I couldn’t stay in the host hotel, so Sea Splash it was. Now when I go away 9 times out of 10 it is an all inclusive resort. I like to roll out of my bed have my egg omlett with a side of vodka cran and a splash of sprite (well 7up in the caribbean)! Not the case here. This hotel was more of a bed and breakfast to me. It is a very small hotel which gives more of an intimate feel. The staff was very nice, and we saw the same staff each and everyday which was kool. The front desk attendant which sorry I can’t remember her name even ordered us food from a local restaurant and had it delivered for us which they don’t normally do. We just had to pay for the $2 cab fare…lol. Best darn Oxtails I’ve ever had! I was dying for some authentic Jamaican oxtails and I got them! So anyhoo, the room was nice, which I didn’t take any pics of. It had a full kitchen, king size bed, pull out sofa, and a loft with 2 queen beds. The only downside was there was only 1 bathroom which can get busy with 3 people in the room. Before I got there I knew it wouldn’t be what I was use to, but I figured hey I’d only be sleeping in the room anyway so what does it matter! It wasn’t the most modern of rooms, but it was nice enough.

The Pasta Party


The ladies outside the Pasta Party.

I have been to a few pasta parties, and this one was hands down the best one I’ve ever been to. Most pasta parties have just pasta with your basic red sauce, oh no, not this one. They had every type of pasta you can imagine, with many different types of sauces, and everything was delicious! There were probably 20 serving stations. They were giving out tons of bottles of water, and even had a Red Stripe counter giving out different types of Red Stripe beer. It was really first class all the way.

Here are a few different views of the set up:

One of the pasta stations

One of the pasta stations








Our Table

As you can see the setup was awesome!  I definitely didn’t expect a pasta party of this magnitude.  There was even a calypso band there playing.  And when I tell you they were rocking, they were rocking it out!!!


I did take a to go plate back the hotel, but didn’t even eat it because we had no microwave, and your girl was not trying to warm up anything on top of the stove!

On to the race:

This was the earliest start time ever!  Gun time was 5:15am to beat the sun.  I laid my head on the pillow at like 1am the night b4, so getting up at 4:30am was not fun! but I made it!  It was pitch black outside.  Not a pinch of sunlight in sight as you can see from the reflection on my brooks.  I tried to coordinate my outfit to match the Jamaican flag colors, with a little rasta red thrown in…how did I do?IMG_8431

IMG_8429Anywho, yes super early start meant it would be a super early finish which was great because we had the rest of the day to chilax.  Now I did the 10k because I knew I would not want to run any longer distances in the heat.  Although we started at 5:15am, by 7am it was burning hot, so I made a wise choice.

Some pics with my homies, and yes I take Usies with every darn body!










The whole Reggae Runnerz crew

So my time was just OK.  I wasn’t going for a PR or anything so I’m happy with it.


Oh look I passed FedEx on the course 🙂

IMG_8457An honorable mention has to go out to Super D and Rohan from Quick Silver Striders…Jazzy’s hubby, both completed the full marathon in that crazy heat, and they both were lying on the beach like 2 hours later….talk about beast mode!


Super D


Rohan throwing up his Q’s

The after race festival was off the chain!  It was literally right on the beach.  They gave out plenty of snacks, water, & sports drinks, and even had someone there chopping up coconuts.  This was my first time having coconut water directly from a coconut, and I am now wondering why the coconut water we buy in the states taste so funky?? because the fresh coconut water was so delicious and refreshing! I had to get two by the way, they were just so good I couldn’t resist!




Post Race Pic


Gorgeous Beach Pic


Close up of my double bling

Yes Reggae Runnerz gave us an xtra medal just because we are that kool!!

With the girls on the beach

With the girls on the beach

Some pics of the post race festival






I also got a chance to have plenty of fun the 4 days that I was there:


Catamaran with the crew


Snorkeling in the Caribbean ocean.

Eating crabs on Booby Cay Island

Eating crabs on Booby Cay Island

Getting some sun

Getting some sun

Yep 4 months post baby bod...still have some way to go, but I'm getting there!

Yep 4 months post baby bod…still have some way to go, but I’m getting there!

Catching some rays

Catching some rays

just hanging

just hanging


loved that tree!

Watched Luciano perform live

Watched Luciano perform live

Overall best Runcation ever!! Can’t wait to do it again next year!!

Tuesday morning run….brrrrrrr

Tuesday morning run….brrrrrrr

I try to get out with the Tuesday morning run crew, but after getting to bed at 1am, getting up at 4:45am was not happening! So I gave myself a little xtra time, woke up at 6am, and hit the pavement by 6:15 for a solo run around the track. Now the track is usually pretty boring. There really isn’t much you can do to make going around and around in a circle fun. Here are some of my tips:

1. Run the outer lane – yes I know this is the furthest distance, but if you are doing a 3+ mile run, you’ll end up doing 1-2 laps less since you are running a longer distance. Yes in reality you are running the same distance in the end, but psychologically I’ll take running a couple laps less.
2. Ramp up your music – I like running to a playlist. I know some people don’t like running with music at all but I do…to each his own. I like fast tempo pop, house music, or rap music with a dope beat. (yes dope!) Not typically music I would listen to, but it gets me going. I just added the Pitbull and Neyo song Time of My Lives and I love it!! I can listen to it on repeat for my whole run.
3. Run with a buddy – my run today was alone, but if I had a running partner it would have been more bearable. If you can talk and run (which I can’t) it’ll make the time pass more quickly. I always think if you can hold a conversation while running you should be running faster! JMO

Well it was cold this morning, so I think that contributed to the faster miles. I wanted to get my butt out of there! I’ll keep working toward getting to that sub 10 per mile pace, my goal for 2015!


P.S. Yes that’s a Dunkin Donuts hat from the NYC Marathon…bloop!

Happy Tuesday!

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